United Statesの発言

SAMANTHA POWER ( United States), noting that there had been infants on board, said it was impossible to express condolences to those families.

With that, she called for a full international investigation, and emphasized that those responsible must not be sheltered by any Member State.
加えて、アメリカは最大限の国際的調査を要請(calls for)し、さらに国際的調査の報告は全ての国連加盟国によって隠蔽されてはならないと強調(emphasizes)した。

The flight had been cruising at 30,000 feet in a corridor used by commercial airlines and its flight path had been available online.

Only a surface-to-air missile system could have been capable of hitting that plane. A western reporter had spotted such a weapon earlier in the region.

Furthermore, separatists had claimed responsibility and had boasted on social media about shooting down the plane. Those posts had been deleted. Ukrainian weapons were not in the area, nor had they been fired, despite air-space violation.

In connection with her call for an international investigation, she noted that United States President Barack Obama had offered to Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin experts and other assistance if needed.

Russian Federationの発言

VITALY CHURKIN ( Russian Federation) said that the facts must be determined over the tragic downing of the airliner and speculation at this point was counterproductive.

An international commission under ICAO would be appropriate. Among the questions that should be asked is how commercial airliners were routed over an area of conflict.

In such a situation, States were responsible for monitoring the safety of their airspace and an investigation should find out whether Ukraine aviation authorities had properly performed their duties in that regard.

The Council had called for restraint, and the destruction in eastern Ukraine did not show any evidence of that. There had been no evacuations of areas with clashes and evidence that people fleeing the violence had been reportedly targeted, while the Russian Federation was sheltering tens of thousands.
安全保障理事会は東ウクライナがその証拠をなんら提示しないための拘束と文書破棄を要請(call for)してきた。数万人をもロシアが避難させる一方で、小競り合いを伴う地域において立ち退きがなかったし、人々が暴力の攻撃目標だと報道で感じている証拠がある。

There were aggressive acts from Ukraine against Russian citizens, as well. He called on authorities to stem such incidents in the future.

He reiterated his call for inclusive dialogue, but said that this appeared unlikely because of the support for Ukraine's use of force by his Western colleagues, particularly the United States. Because of that, previous agreements had become irrelevant.

The Kyiv Government had decided to stamp out dissenters, with some calling them the chilling name "insects".

Promised reforms of the Ukrainian Constitution were being done in secret; other reforms were not being acted on after they engaged European support. International institutions had not acted on ending the violence because of his Western colleagues, who had met his country's initiatives with cynicism.

The operation in eastern Ukraine needed to end as soon as possible. "Negotiations were still possible, but the right choices need to be made," he said.


YURIY A. SERGEYEV ( Ukraine) expressed sorrow to all delegations of countries that had lost citizens in the airline downing.

He affirmed that International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) had been contacted and that his country would cooperate with an impartial thorough investigation. There was much information that was already clear, however.

The plane was shot down over what he called terrorist-controlled territory, where a Ukrainian aircraft had previously been downed. There were recordings of terrorists discussing the event, in which they seemed to acknowledge responsibility.

There was evidence that terrorists had two BUK anti-aircraft systems, which captured cadres had said had come from the Russian Federation. He maintained that, in fact, numerous supplies of weaponry had proven to have come from the Russian Federation, with some of the evidence specifying Russian military units had provided those arms.

 He added that recruiting efforts, in favour of the illegal armed groups, were spreading throughout the Russian Federation, seeking those who could operate sophisticated weaponry. It was significant that the country had never called on its citizens not to join the armed groups, nor had it prosecuted anyone for joining them. 


In fact, he said, several times a day, columns tried to breach the border. In addition, the armed groups themselves had fired towards the Russian border to create a provocation. He maintained that Ukrainian national forces had never fired at Russian territory.

In addition, massing of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border had continued, violating not only the United Nations Charter, but also previous agreements of the parties. He demanded that the Russians immediately cease provocations, stop threatening the peace and security of his country and allow his President's peace plan to be implemented.






9月6日に、国連安全保障理事会において、陸上幕僚監部調査第2部別室が傍受したソ連軍機の傍受テープに英語とロシア語のテロップをつけたビデオがアメリカによって各国の国連大使に向けて公開され、ソ連軍機による撃墜の事実を改めて世界に問いかけた。これに対してソ連大使はビデオの公開中一貫して画面から目をそらし続けていたが、この後、ソ連外務大臣 アンドレイ・グロムイコは撃墜を認める声明を正式に発表した[7]